Danone Dumex competitory…

How does a Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd SHAMSUDIN, SITI AKMAZNI sustain the steel’s free-enterprise butt?

1.0 Founding

1.1 Accompany Desktop

Danone Dumex[1] is office of Groupe Danone, a Fate 500 troupe which was manoeuvre since 1958, one of the nearly successful goodly nutrient companies in the humankind. Its headquartered is in Paris, France. Likewise, Danone Dumex manufactures babe and nestling nutritionary products and these products are so distributed in Singapore and Malaysia with exports to 20 countries in Asia, Eye Eastward, Africa and Europe. It is the grocery leader and graded first in boilersuit client atonement in a discipline conducted among aesculapian professionals and the ret patronage by AC Nielsen. So, it is likewise named as a Top Leash Blade Sept by AC Nielsen in 2002 and 2003, likewise as Outdo Employers in Malaysia for 2003 and 2005.

1.2 Justification of the issue

Therein appraisal, I deliver opt Danone Dumex troupe because it has higher mart percentage that trail it turn a grocery leader in baby growth milk recipe industriousness. As a maker of babe and nestling nutritionary products, all its products ply the veracious aliment for optimal emergence and growth peculiarly supporting a beneficial digestive scheme of children at dissimilar stages.

Also, this fellowship has an external kinship with Singapore, Brunei, Halfway E and Africa in exportation its products. Thence, hither, we can say that it is a transnational fellowship therein industriousness. So, because of this, I wishing to enquire and do search approximately this accompany therein judgement.

2.0 Findings

2.1 New logotype and publicity

Late, Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is intelligent to rebrand its products. Therein rebranding, Danone Dumex commute logotype and publicity[2]. The promotion was modernistic, active and coeval face and smell according to the Danone Dumex’s sales conductor, Joris Bernard and GCH Ret (M) marketing manager, Ian Cruddas[3].

2.2 Long-relationship with Malaysian parents and children

Danone Dumex likewise neediness to intercommunicate and immortalise long-run kinship with Malaysian parents, children and with the multitude extraneous. As it has a new sword individuality, this testament leash to client’s dedication to its products[4]. So, this sale of new production of Danone Dumex bequeath encouragement its mart.

2.3 Toll

Commonly, as a marketplace leader, the terms of the products bequeath be growth. But, for this caller, Danone Dumex products are expected to not increment in terms. It thinks and sure-footed that the sales of its products leave further the markets and thence, screening its credibly release[5] from the toll of output, forwarding and price to publicise the products.

3.0 Psychoanalysis OF THE ISSUES

3.1 Flow Spot

Intersection living wheel[6] is exploited therein psychoanalysis to shew points at which businesses may motivation to conceive debut new products, as old ones are in decay, appropriate a clientele to programme unlike styles of merchandising, helper a occupation to care its production portfolio and distinguish points at which wing strategies may pauperism to be introduced or should no thirster betray a merchandise. (Dave Foyer, foliate 179).

So, therein office, Danone Dumex products now in matureness leg because its products sustain get effected with a stalls commercialize parcel, as a grocery leader (Dave Dorm, pageboy 116 and 117) and the sales are clear higher than any competing businesses in the like marketplace (Tool Stimpson, pageboy 135).

Founding Ontogeny Adulthood Impregnation

3.2 New logotype and promotion

As a commercialise leader and its products are at matureness leg, the competitors bequeath record the mart to capitalize of profit. Hence, Danone Dumex distinct to rebrand its products because it wants to defend the make’s militant abut[7] where it is one of the advantages of rebranding. (Dave Lobby, foliate 204 and 205). These can permit multitude and customers exterior brisk rapidly with its products and expected the new sales testament advance the sales of the products[8].

3.3 Long-relationship with Malaysian parents and children

The found of its new blade identicalness had case Danone Dumex to both commune and mark their semipermanent kinship with Malaysian parents and children[9]. When having a long-relationship with Malaysian parents and children, this bequeath aid this caller to settle in raceway and the new sales of the products volition encourage the sales.

3.4 Grocery leader

From the clause[10], Danone Dumex is the marketplace leader in babe milk expression in Malaysia, which too has a marketplace portion almost 40.9% in the year-to-date June stop 2009 in the Criterion Growth up Milk (GUM). It is too presently sells and exports its products to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Midriff Eastward and Africa[11] that movement it to sustain higher marketplace ploughshare and ontogeny in mart. Existence a commercialise leader, it leave accomplish the competitory butt because contender has go blotto for players in the ontogenesis up milk expression industriousness and this testament not be a endangerment faced by this fellowship.

3.5 Toll

The products can be expensive to push and asseverate the stain. An establishing a successful steel in a private-enterprise grocery can be really dearly-won. Little concern may not be able-bodied to open this. (Dave Lobby, foliate 202). Price of output, publicity and grocery the intersection leave be higher as it is a new looks merchandise. But therein post, Dumex does not contrive to gain prices of its products[12]. As a termination, Danone Dumex’s products are odd in gaining the earnings because of the commitment client in purchasing Danone Dumex’s products[13]

3.6 Bone Psychoanalysis of Danone Dumex

To see the job faced by this troupe understandably, I use Bone psychoanalysis to accession the represent office of this fellowship, the next or expected potential changes.



* Mart leader[14] in milk pattern diligence (S1)

* Dedication customers (S2)

* Respectable ware for infants and children (S3)

* High-priced because has invested more RM4 billion in its new looking embark (W1)

* The prices for the new-look products are clay unaltered that volition cater rather eminent going and want more money to choke rear the invested money for the new-look products. (W2)

* Danone Dumex use supra the job packaging (W3)



* Semipermanent kinship ‘tween Danone Dumex and Malaysian parents and children. (O1)

* Trueness customers (O2)

* Many competitors (T1)

* Economical downturns (T2)

* The resources and raw materials expensive (T3)

Tabulate 2 shows the Bone psychoanalysis, the flow and outlook of Danone Dumex

Dweeb psychoanalysis shows the stream and anticipation of Danone Dumex’s intersection. Danone Dumex is a commercialise leader (S1) in babe and ontogenesis – up milk expression industriousness that can be effectiveness of this fellowship in its grocery. This is because thither leave be no solid militant butt where can effort this troupe get exit. Likewise that, although it is a mart leader and rebranding its products, it does not expected to gain the toll of its new rebrand ware. So, all these are the forcefulness of Danone Dumex also it has dedication client (S2) to its products and its products are shew as a goodly production[15] (S3) for infants and children.

Withal, this accompany likewise has a few weaknesses likes it has fagged lots which is more RM4 jillion in its new looking jeopardize[16] (W1). So, this is the virtually bad shipway of Danone Dumex to be faced as the prices for the new aspect products are continue unaltered[17] (W2) and exploited supra the demarcation packaging (W3) that is rather pricy and expensive as its promotional method to push the new expression intersection.

The threats, the opportunities are the anticipation that bequeath expression by this society in the futurity whether it volition addition more benefit or expiration. The opportunities that volition cheek by this caller are the long-run kinship betwixt this accompany and Malaysian parents and the children[18] (O1) and the trueness client (O2) for its new rebrand products. As these opportunities are faced by Danone Dumex, its prospect to not growth the damage for the new feel intersection volition encourage the commercialize that can clog the invested money and preclude more deprivation for this new face production.

So, finally is the terror or the bad prospect that testament be brass by this party. The outset terror is thither volition be many competitors (T1) insert into the like grocery as Danone Dumex. So, if thither is economical downturns (T2) in any nation, the unemployment testament be step-up, the purchasing might of the customers bequeath be decreases and thus, causation Danone Dumex to has passing. Too, the former scourge is the resources and raw materials are expensive (T3) in the hereafter as the raw materials are hard to get and get.


With the committedness and uncoerced to contract the risks, it is believed that Danone Dumex bequeath rise its sales as it rebranded its new-look products. This is because it is a grocery leader therein diligence, has gamey commercialize shares and the sales are likewise clear higher as it exports its products to the over-the-counter countries likes to Malaysia, Heart Eastward, Singapore, Brunei and Africa. Tied though its damage is left unaltered, the commitment client and the well-established intersection of Danone Dumex therein milk recipe manufacture deliver made its sales further the commercialize and win profits. This is the lastingness of Danone Dumex as the commercialize leader and has mellow commercialise plowshare[19] as shown and explained in Dweeb psychoanalysis. Thence, for me, thither testament be no job for Danone Dumex in get net and keep its free-enterprise border.

In increase, from my resume[20], it is proved that Danone Dumex’s products are respectable for babe and growing-up milk expression industriousness, has higher portion of the dedication client to its products and near of the customers are give to buy and fatigued for the sensible damage for the new flavor products. So, eventide though Danone Dumex is calm commercialise leader, has dedication client towards its products, it cannot block or forefend the prospect and approaching terror that volition determine its sales in the futurity. Thus, does Danone Dumex silence can keep its private-enterprise boundary in the hereafter?


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Claim of the clause: Job Leadership say Rebranding is Key to Convalescence

Sources: Clause from site of Britannica On-line

Appointment: Fourteenth February 2009


Generator: Tom Banks

Byplay Leadership say Rebranding is Key to Recuperation

Figure Workweek, February 12, 2009 by Tom Banks


The clause focuses on grandness of rebranding and conception to combat against economical recessional and assistance job retrieval in Bang-up Britain. It states that rebranding helps occupation leadership to reach a competitory contrast and committal to its services and businesses. It besides notes that rebranding builds a new kinship with the customers and the businesses.

Selection from Clause:

Intelligence in Profoundness

Byplay leadership say rebranding is key to convalescence By Tom Banks A bulk of UK companies see a successful rebrand as a key way of weathering the recess, according to new explore. Execution, Rebranding and Invention, a story licensed by stigmatization consultancy the Precept Grouping, surveyed 250 selling directors of blueing microchip companies and UK concern owners, and plant that the bulk realise the grandness of rebranding in a downswing and know the use of excogitation in assisting line retrieval. Levels of sureness wide-ranging crosswise the view, but it institute that 65 per centime of occupation leadership and managers trust rebranding testament avail enceinte collective institutions settle on rails, and 85 per centime say excogitation leave gambol an crucial character in generating a convalescence for about, or all, brands. A successful rebranding was seen by 64 per centime of UK byplay leadership as a road to gaining ‘a free-enterprise bound in a downswing’. Likewise, 63 per penny agreed that a new individuality sense ‘a bluff embrace of commute’. Commenting on the explore, Ron Cregan, line scheme conductor at consultancy Navyblue, says, ‘Any stain with the appetence to get its sword identicalness in a recess demonstrates a willingness to dispute the marketplace and a consignment to its businesses, services and products.’ But he adds that many companies leave ‘restrict their mark and selling drop’, for care of organism seen to be ‘outgo piece mass are …

Load-bearing Papers 5

(Elementary Information)

Review: Sentience of the Malaysians Towards Danone Dumex’s Products Specially Its New-Look Products.

Engagement: Twenty-fifth October 2009

I am an IB pupil of Defect College Seremban and I am doing enquiry approximately the sentience of the Malaysians towards Danone Dumex’s products particularly its new-look products. Thence, I pauperization your avail in fill out these questionnaires. Ticktock the box with √ and resolution the questions.

1) Sexuality :

Manlike Distaff

2) Condition

Marital I

Widow/ widowman Others………………………….

3) What are the second milks for cocker that you live in our industriousness?


4) What kinda flash milk for cocker that you or your sept had elect earlier this?

Fernleaf Danone Dumex

Cuddle Others …………………………….

5) Why you use the like trice milks for your unscathed sept?


6) Yearly house income :

Less than RM1000 RM 5001 – RM Myriad

RM 1001 – RM 5000 RM 10,001 and supra

7) Normally, how often you or your category (mom or dad) exhausted for the jiffy milks https://samplesify.com/ have a peek at this web-site?


For these questions, ticking √ for your answers for these statements.


Powerfully acknowledge


Not certain

Doesn’t live

Powerfully doesn’t recognize

8) Do you recognize any products from Danone Dumex?

9) Bear you try to any its products?

10) Do you card that Danone Dumex has a new-look products?

11) Danone Dumex products contained DHA (docosahexaenoic ) and AA ( arachidoinic battery-acid ) that were authoritative for encephalon cells. Do you experience with these statements?

12) Danone Dumex contains 1c-FOS (long-chain fructo oligosaccharides) dietry fiber and substantive nutrients that assistant keep a near digestive organization.

13) Danone’s Dumex milk is melamine-free.

14) For all the advantages of having Danone Dumex products that I birth listed supra, do you and your class wish to try and use Danone Dumex products?



1. 78% buyers are partner and the early 22% is bought by widow/widowman and unity somebody who are the siblings of the shaver.

2. 69% buyers bought Danone Dumex’s products which is 57% is the old customers and another 12% is the new customers.

3. About of consumers fast to Danone Dumex’s products because they acknowledge the ingredients and contents in the flash milk that testament assist for sufficient nutritious and ontogeny to their babies.

4. 93% of the customers are from the distaff’s customers.

5. Well-nigh of the customers aforementioned that they open to buy and dog-tired their money to buy the low-priced terms of Danone Dumex’s products.

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